Will SEO still be around in 5 years time?

I feel that SEO will still be around, but perhaps, not called S.E.O. Firstly, improvements in bookmarking, will allow us to call up sites we’ve already visited that match a criteria we set. Human memory is failable – and I would say it’s probably more than half the time, we use a search engine to visit a website we’ve previously visited,

Secondly, the interface – Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft all have their own voice interface engines. The same way Uber attracted investor money and users even though (or because) their plan was eventually to replace their drivers with AI, these new voice based platforms are attracting a fair amount of attention from developers building third party apps, and somehow, even seem to find an audience that doesn’t mind paying for a device that will constantly record them. Hence, being “first mentioned” is going to be very important because voice interfaces often show/playback even less results than normal search (especially if the device doesn’t come with a screen, then its unlikely to have more than 1-3 options).

So if you’re asking me if it’s still around then – yes, the same kind of work will be always available for a very long time. However, whether consumers are willing to pay enough for it and whether what is being done now will be sufficient, is another story altogether.