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How did we get here? MalaysianSEO.com

Like most of the websites you’ve seen for this search result, this website was made to provide SEO services to a Malaysian clientele.

We’re going to have a quicker time ranking for this SEO result thoug, than they were. Simply, because this is built on their ashes.

We weren’t the first owner of this domain (it was first registered in 2009. But we’ll be the first to benefit from the backlinks built by the original owner, from 2019 and beyond. And your site, should you hire us, will be the next to benefit.

Ruthless? Perhaps. Illegal? No. Efficient? Definitely.

But we thought you’ll like a demonstration of skill. An indication that we go to longer lengths.

Reassurance that your domain won’t expire unintentionally – if you allow us to safeguard it.

That your page will be visible, visited and that you’ll have an agency that looks out consistently for your interests.

That you won’t be overtaken by your competition, or be made irrelevant in time as competitors claim the space you used to have. Whether it is consumers minds, or in a domain name registry.

If you’re a business owner who hasn’t taken a step online, it’s time to start. The Chinese have a saying, the best time to plant a tree, was 5 years ago. The second best time is now.
(And if domain names existed back then, they would also say, there is never a good year to forget to renew your domain name)

And if you start from zero with us, you won’t have to start *with* zero. Because you’ll have us. And rather than have us build on top or fix an existing website, or have to work on a longer timeframe just to smooth out inefficiencies, you will be guided from the start.

Like they say, a stitch in time, saves nine. Buy nice, or buy twice.

And well, one important fundamental that a lot of SEO agencies forget is well. Yes, actual writing. Not how we link hyperlinks. Not how we format our meta tags. The actual text that humans can read. We pride ourselves to deliver a quality level that top international advertising agencies can provide, without the sense of grandeur and inflated costs that come with an international agency brand name.

But about cost, well. We cost less to hire – than it to would to hire another agency before us to do what should been done in the first place. We cost less than the cost of losing your customers, should they be unable to take you seriously due to bad English on your web presence, or the opportunity cost of being unable to view your site entirely because it didn’t load, or they gave up half way.

Oh, and here’s something few know – web hosting speed counts in search engine ranking.

Few people know that web hosting speed counts in search engine optimisation. And the few companies that do, don’t offer you the same hosting package on a high speed server that they use to host their own landing page. If you’re skeptical about this fact, let us show you the ping test when we meet.

And even if you only believe we can only do the same thing as the rest, we do it way more stylishly, accessibly, and in a grammatically correct manner.

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